Saturday, January 21, 2012

My March 2012 Banlist: Part 1

Hey guys! So after about a week hiatus I am back with my series of posts all regarding the upcoming march banlist. Many other bloggers have already given their thoughts and I think I should as well, but in contrast I am going to split up my banlist posts up and explain more so that way i give reasons for everything I hit, i will identify all the archetypes that require attention. Read on!

NOTE: the indivual cards that need hitting or coming back are not going to be explained on this post but will be noted on my final opinion on the banlist.

Agents: agents pride themselves on having a shiton of bossmonsters their own startos and their own exceed summoner(venus). The cards that I would think about hit are as follows:
Master Hyperion
The problem with this deck as with many others is that so many things allow it to be what it is today that it is hard to pinpoint where the true problem lies. If you hit a certain card but don't hit another then the deck is still quite good. The deck has a huge list of plays and the  variants of this deck  are as varied as the combo list. Konami has a record of nerfing decks but not killing them. This deck has many enablers, one card combos, and generally just to many stand alone good cards. Many variants add tour guide into the mix which the make the deck even more one card comboish. the problem with all of this is determining which one card combo is the one that makes the deck. This can be quite a daunting task, a one card gachi, a card that blows stuff up and its summing condition is a joke, and a stratos. If you look at the current banlist you see cards with very similar effects for thier own theme on the banlist which technically means that they should all rightfully get hit. I personally believe that one combo should be killed and another nerfed and on my list I will hit it as I mentioned.

Tengu/Tour guide deck: This deck is almost the exact opposite of agents. We know what cards enable this deck, we know what engines make it go. The only problem is the cards that enable the deck(tengu and tour guide) are tcg exclusives and probably won't get hit. So now we look to the plant engine and again we see many ways to go about hitting the engine. The main cards are
Glow up bulb
Lonefire blossom
The only thing different about this engine and the agent deck is that this has been around for much longer and doesn't need to be nerfed again, we need to outright kill the engine once and for all. A card is only as good as what it can fetch( the mai reason why tour guide is good) so I don't believe hitting lonefire is the answer. Hitting what it can summon is the answer. Dandylion has had its time so I can see it going. Glow up bulb on the other hand has the once per duel text which makes it harder for konami to hit but by all means this card is broken and you get to special summon it all for free. Like I said I believe the engine has had its time and it is time for us to kill it outright.

Dino Rabbit: Not much needs to be said about this one there is one and only one card that makes this deck, that card being rescue rabbit. Konami hit the cat synchro deck without any remorse for the cat so I expect them to treat the rabbit the same, as will I.

Inzektors: Inzektors have three cards that make them good, but only one card that achieves what they are famous for: Inzektor hornet. I am a strong believer in the one and ya done theory, which means you deal with it once and you are done for the rest of the duel, I will take this approach for this deck and I believe konmai will also since it will nerf but not outright kill the deck.

Wind ups: This deck is good for one reason the hand loop. Even if you can't get it off in all of your duels, loops like that should not exist period. The problem with loops: if you hit one card there goes the loop, hit the enabler and there goes the loop. I will hit it like that and I think konami will also do this because wind ups are still deck with potential even without the loop(wind up factory anybody) getting rid of the loop just gets rid of the self touch aspect of the deck.

Winzektors: This deck is not a problem as long as you hit the parts that make it up. Sum of the parts. Imo this deck is a very scary deck and luckily can be hit easily even if unintentional by simply hitting wind ups and inzektors.

Dark Worlds:  Again the theory "one and ya done" applies here. Grapha is very powerful and once you deal with it you should be done. Konami should also do this hit as it is one card hit and you are not hitting multiple cards in one theme.

Thank you for reading and my take on the banlist will be up very soon, i just tried to explain some of my logic when doing my banlist. Also if this post has more grammer errors than usual, I apologize in advance as I am very tired when writing this so keep that in mind.


  1. Nice Blog, I agree with you in many aspects

  2. What about lightsworns??

    1. I was talking about relvant themes, though konami shouldn't leave such a sacky theme alive in the game. No worries though I will handle them on my list when I get around to posting it.

  3. I too am a strong believer in the one and your done theory lol great concept btw.