Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why YCS Toronto is irrelevant

Hey guys! So I am having a problem keeping schedule of late but I am trying to rectify this problem. So today I am making quite a bold statement(I think it is bold): YCS Toronto is irrelevant. Why you ask? Well allow me to explain. YCS Toronto merely confirmed my suspicions.

Agents are the best deck of the format.... right now. They have access to the best boss monsters and they are very consistent.  So why did I not say that plants were the best deck even though they won the event? I just don't think that plants are a lasting trend. They are still good but they lost alot on the last ban list more than alot of people think. Having only one avarice means that most of the time they can only do their shenaganis once in a duel. Right now the shenaganis are good enough that they only need to be done once in a duel, but later in the format the winds of change are coming, more on that later. Currently boss monsters rule and I don't see that changing any time soon. Kristyia and hyperion, and BLS, all of these cards are very good, and with some people refusing to run generic removal these cards just get better, the hand traps do nothing to get rid of these monsters so those are not an option. But decks coming later in the format have built in removal.... more on that later. Talking about plants winning the YCS decks have a history of winning the first major event in the format after the one they were good in. A recent example of this would be YCS Charlette( I know wrong spelling) where Six sams won right after they had just won YCS Dallas. Sure six sams only lost 2 gateway in between those events, but looking at the base 5 card plant engine plants only lost 1 lonefire, avarice was merely a way to get back that engine so you could do it all over again.

But that last sentence disproves my comment of plants aren't a lasting a trend. But this is where we look to what eventually happened to six sams. For the next few events up until nationals six sams had 4 spots in the top 32 of YCS charlette, 6 spots in YCS Anaheim, and 5 spots in YCS Providence, so actually six sams had more spots in the top 32 then in charlette which was where they won, the reason for this was people were not sure if six sams were still good after they lost 2 gateway, then when they won the YCS they got a slight boost in numbers. Then suddenly at North American Nationals six sams were nowhere to be found, it was all tengu plants and T.G, ( and some GK) people had discovered something far more dangerous than six sams, tengu plants were more explosive and had much more consistency compared to the luck sacky six sam. T.G capitalized the fact that heavy storm was not in the game. the results proved these theories. Only two six sams made it to the top 16 at WCQ Europe, again proving that there were much more dangerous things that that format has to offer(very important sentence alert!). Finally at the very last event of the september format( YCS indy) there was no six sams that topped 16 at the event. The event was dominated by "synchro monster" decks(aka tengu/tour guide deck, lol konami).

So my whole point of writing about this is that plants are not going to last, sure they are still good but this format has so much more to offer than a rehashed deck that was tier 1 last format. In just a few weeks we will have dark worlds, which will change the game, they will be tier 1 this format, also with grapha not only being one of the if not the best boss monster thanks to its ability to turn every dark world into a floater, it also gives the deck generic removal which is so key this format. Also snow allows you to search for this boss monster, and their field spell generates way to much advantage. I foresee agents having a tough time with this matchup, imo whatever agents can do dark worlds can do better, they both have 2700 beaters that pop stuff, but grapha can be spammed and even though hyperion can use it s effect every turn, grpaha can still be spammed. Agents have earth dark worlds have snow, earth searches for venus which allows you to make NEXT TURN a gachi gachi which pumps up venus and fills the grave for hyperion and kristyia. Snow searches gate which immediately makes grapha bigger than any other boss monster the deck has, and it also allows you to search grapha, need I say more?

Later in the format(november) we will get photon shockwave which has Rescue rabbit, I know that some people still doubt the rabbit's power but it is only a matter of time before that card is broke and even so that rabbit is too dangerous to be left alive( lol) it is just plain bad card design. Also I have heard some rumors about dark world tcg exclusive(s) if that rumor is true, knowing the tcg card design team they make dark worlds all the more broken.

All in all my basic point is that plants are not going to last sure at YCS columbus there will be alot of people playing plants but that tend much like six sams will slowly die out. I will make a prediction: by 2012 WCQ: North America plants will have gone off the radar. If I am wrong well so be it but I truly believe that plants will not last, I will stick to my word on this. This format is very young potential is overflowing. On a final note I am not saying that this format is bad just that this format is truly undefined as of right now.

Thanks for reading!


  1. u forgot the one with rodrigo and jeff jones

  2. the first anon here again
    cuz they sided for samurais and skill drain and blackwings come next jump same will happen in ohio as well
    siding for plants
    but what is unique with plants is they side their engine out
    frazier smith and robert boyajian u guys are the next geneeration of pros uv contributed so much to the game
    robert and his siding shenanigans and frazier and his gk

  3. oh yeah and one more thing agents are better than dws in icg it's jst in tcg dws have tourguide and yet revealed tcg exclusive dws