Friday, September 2, 2011

Effect of the new TCG Xyz ruling

Hey guys! So I am going to be explaining the effect of the new Xyz ruling, here we go!
WARNING: This post merely expresses my opinion so take it lightly!
WARNING#2: Long post alert!

So first I am very happy about this ruling this makes the game much more fair, it makes tour guide a much less splashable card, and it makes the tour guide engine much less broken and no longer tier 0. But make no mistake tour guide is still a very good card but it now becomes a niche card. Tour guide still has a home in decks that run monsters like BLS, choas sorc as it still is the best dark engine in the game. Also dark worlds imo still need to run this card as it really does help the goal of the dark world deck. I was on ebay about an hour before checking tour guide prices the cheapest I could find tour guide was about $150 and the most expensive $200. For playsets it was mostly around $550-$600( all of these values are in USD and are all completed listings) About half an hour after the ruling was announced the most expensive i could find was $147 but that was way above the average. After more scanning the page for prices I found that the average pice of a tour guide was about $90-$100(completed listings). Also I could not find a playset valued more than $300. Going on average prices the price of 1 tour guide fell about $100 and the price of a playset dropped about $300. tour guides are still expensive but for a person that is a good seller and buyer of cards it is now much more afforadble. I am of course still not going to be using tour guides.

Moving on I will now talk about the effect of this ruling on the meta. First of all tour guide will still be seen but decks not running tour guide will show their faces once again in hopes of topping. I do believe that tour guide will still be seen in alot in tournament worthy decks but now I believe the ration is 50/50 where the ration was once 80/20. With the previous TCG ruling you could get a 2500 beater or a 1800 beater than revives your banished monsters, then you could search for "X" card( insert effect veiler here). Now it is still possible to get a 2500 beater or a monster that gets back your banished monsters but you can't search for that effect veiler which would cripple your chances of a comeback. Also tour guide can now also be played like it was before we had Xyz monsters: a way to fetch sangan out of your deck, let your opponent destroy it then search. This is much more fair as it allows your opponent to dictate when you search.

Tour guide now joins the ranks of monsters like deep sea diva, and GK spy: a one card Xyz. The only difference now is that of the versatility of the Rank 3 Xyz's. The diva Xyz combo summons Gachi Gachi Gantetsu which is a good card but since diva only has that one option it is not a very versatile combo. the GK spy can either summon roach or Utopia. Sure that is more versatile combo than diva but utopia really only has one role which is to block attacks, and roach well roach is quickly losing favor in my eyes and will only get worse as Xyz's take more of a prominant role in the game. Tour guide can summon a 2500 beater or a monster that sp banished monsters allowing for more combos. Sure Utopia is a 2500 beater but it also has a bad negative effect that allows it to get run over quite easy while leavthian dragon's only draw  back is that it cannot attack directly and that is when it is at 3000 atk, so your opponenet can't just summon kuriboh(lol) and atk and destroy like they can with utopia. Also GK spy takes a turn to set up while tour guide requires no set up. But even with the Xyz's tour guide summons it is still not a broken card cause it still doesn't get the search.(Barring konami making a absolultely broken rank 3 Xyz, I should stop giving them ideas.)

Moving on to talk about deck viablity. Most decks are okay with this ruling, agents are a amazing deck without tour guide so this changes nothing. I did see some lightsworn builds run tour guide but in all honesty that deck has problems that extend far beyond the power of tour guide( like consitency and the fact that it is garbage, yes I am sticking true to my theory of Lightsworn=Garbage). Zombies are really the only deck harshly affected by this ruling. the new age zombies were built on the fact that if you detach goblin zombie you get a search, and the splashability of tour guide to search for combo pieces with sangan. Well with that no longer plausable zombies became meh and the fact that plaguspreader zombie doesn't get banished if detached is little consolation. As mentioned before decks that don't use tour guide are now much more viable than before so don't fret if you can't use/get tour guide.

I have talked about everything except one important subject effect veiler/herald of orange light. I have heard some people talk about it not being a staple. while I guess you could risk not running it I still think that veiler is quite neccasary. It is pretty much good against every deck out there and is never really a dead card. But to sum it up it is less of a tech card and more of a staple.

Another subject is that of mind crush's viablity.  With floaters now not getting to search is it really that useful? Imo yes. While I don't run it I still believe that with duality and don't forget just because those floaters don't get their effects when detached doesn't mean that people won't run them! Though from what I understand the main reason people were using mind crush is because of tour guide. Since tour guide was splashed into everything people knew that searching was inevitable but with the tour guide engine becoming less prominant I do forsee a decrease in play for mind crush.

So to sum it up tour guide is still a very good card but it now has a niche to fill it certain decks and it cannot just be splashed into any random deck. The main point I am trying to get across is that you do not need tour guide to win. Also kind of on a side note I personally think that this is one of the best formats we have had in a while( again barring any kind of broken card konami can think of.) The only thing is that I honestly though that we would get the no prority on monster ignition effects ruling, but I guess that is for another time( hopefully in the near future.) Thanks for reading and I hoped this post helped!

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