Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to regular posting schedule(kinda) and a format discussion

Hey guys! So I am have some free time and I will try to post on a regular schedule. Anyways I have been demoralized ever since I went 1-3 at my regional and 2-2 at my local. I have tested so hard in the past 2  months, so that is such a disappointment to see that record. I do suppose that since it was the beginning of the format I wasn't expected to do great. but still. I actually blame all of this on myself, for some reason I feel like I can't concentrate fully when I am playing. Maybe it is just a passing storm(I sure hope so!) but nevertheless I will continue to push forward in hope of getting out of my rut.

In regards to YCS toronto(full review once decklists are up!) I honestly wasn't surprised in the least. There has been talk of plants still being good recently and agents taking the most spots should be no surprise to anyone.

In regards to my personal deck choice I think for the next few weeks I will return to my roots and play Blackwings. Sure they lost oppression but they gained an icrus. I kind of want to utilize BLS and since I already main 2 veiler that really shouldn't be such a hard goal to achieve. I will have a decklist up once I make a good list. Sabers are good but they are just to slow to be ran in this format(though the same could be said for blackwings).

So this is kind of a half assed post on second glance, like I said I haven't been in tune with the game so to speak so you can't expect my normal quality of posts. Thanks for reading!


  1. Blackwings are my dueling roots as well. How about Vayu Turbo? You can play it with Lylas and effect veilers for your BLS.

  2. @Jinzoandfriends: I honestly don't like vayu turbo, sure it can put 4000 damage to your opponent but with all of the graveyard hate it really isn't a good, also it takes alot of setup, all in all good ol b wings is just more consistent and just plain better.