Saturday, October 1, 2011

So about Wind up Zemaines

Goddammit konami. For a company who was trying hard to fix this format from going through from what we had last format this is not a way to kick things off. Anyway Hey Guys! So of course if you could not tell from the pic I am going to talk about the latest in konami logic! Wind up Zemaines and how I think that this card will have major repercussions in the game.

First off with the release of this card tour guide now becomes the most dynamic and best toolbox we have seen in this game. Tour guide can officially adapt to any situation, aggro with levathian, special summon removes monsters with levair, or defend with this guy. While on the topic of tour guide has any one noticed that tour guide is slowly creeping up the power ladder once again. It has not reached the level of pre Xyz ruling change but it is slowly making its way back there, it is a staple in dark worlds and now this guy. Gacchi gacchi imo was already over powered, you would waste a lot of resources and put a lot of resources on the board just to get rid of it ex: a early BlS drop. Now with this guy building up resources is near impossible as at least one card is going to be destroyed. Smashing ground becomes terrible and one for one's become neg 1's. Lets look at at this way you have 3 ressources you could use to get rid of zemaines and you use all three not only are you over extending but one of those resources is now gone.

If you haven't noticed by now ressources are becoming more and more precious which imo is good for the game as only good players know when to use their cards effectively and if those cards are precious then getting the most bang for your buck becomes a staple way to play. Thus rewarding smart and conservative play. But my problem arises from to two places. First did it really take the making of this card just to reward smart play? Second if you play your cards smart and get rid of this card you are still going to lose 1 card in the end phase so no matter what way you play you still lose something. Simply put this card is counter productive it makes smart play take the forefront but it hurts either play style all the same. They should have made Gacchi Gacchi and then stopped with those kinds of effects. In another time this card might not have been so bad but in the end we still have tour guide and making that card more of a tool box more than it already is, is always a bad thing to do. On a final note konami is sending me mixed signals it seems they wan't to reward smart play but don't want the little kids to feel left out either so they still print sacky cards. So my theory is that this was konami's answer to find a happy medium unfortunately it still leans toward the sacky side.  So if at the end of this post I am sending you mixed signals about what I think about this card then let that be no longer: this card is bad for the game and makes tour guide a one card toolbox.

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  1. If wind-up zenmaines is removed from the field before end phase, his effect doesnt kick in but it still forces you to overextend. If brio gets banned this thing will be way OP but at least catastor makes killing zenmaines and gachi easier.