Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Victory preview #1: Karakuri

Hey guys instead of giving you a preview of YCS Anaheim(which I will not be attending but have no fears one of my teamates is so they will do the recap) I decided to do a Extreme Victory preview on the archtype that I think is getting the most boost from Extreme Victory: Karakuri. So first on the list is Karakuri Ninishi which is proably the most broken card in the deck. This card has 0 atk and 1900 def. The effect is like a Boggart knight or a kageki and you what heppens to deck when they get one of those monsters! Well the combos are pretty much limitless but they all start with having a level 5 monster on the field( cyber dragon anyone) then you can summon her summon stragest or a level 4 karakuri then use cyber and ninshi to go for buerido then summon either a level 4 karakuri or a level 3 tuner karkuri whichever one that you didn't summon with ninshi and go for bueri summon another karakuri then draw cards with bueridos effect! You can just add other cards to the combo like anatomy or even machine duplication to further increase you card presence. moving on we have a level 6 karakuri that has 2200 atk and an effect that lets you draw card equal to the number of defence karakuris on your field. Then thing that hurts it the most is that its effect only works when it is normal summoned, but you could use it as a beater for the synchros but haipa is better in my opionion. Then you have a quick play spell that adds 1000 attack but negates the effect, which i actually see promise in this card as kuick plus this make a summon from the graveyard. Then you have a counter trap that negates a spell or trap if you have a defense karakuri, so that is alright. All in all though this is going to make karakuri's a tier 1 deck no doubt but perhaps more importantly karakur's can be a tier 1 deck without having to splash other deck engines in like Machina's or plant or both. Thanks for reading and make sure to follow by email, and check out the poll.

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