Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Extrme Victory Preview #2: six sam

Hey guys haven't wrote in a while but school is evil ): anyway here with another extrme victory preview, argh so much yugioh content plus I have my teamtes decks to put up so   just trying to mangae it all, maybe after school is on spring break I can relax!
So today i am going to be talking about the new six sam support!
1st on the list is six sam hermit he has 400atk (I think) and the same bad defense he is level 3 and chas a cyber dragon effect. So I actually see this working but since kaigeki is just so much better hermit does get overshadowed but personally I might run 1 if I can find room as having a cyber dragon is nice just not with such low stats, but it can be used to fill united and gateway and synchro with kagemusha but again kaigeki is just better. second we have shien's tactican level 4 1200 atk and effect is you can declare an attribute and people can only play monsters with that type (think gozen match in monster form) wow this card is so broken! Just kidding. This card is bad, not only can it end up hurting sams but it doesn't go along with the theme in any way and with 1200atk that doesn't help either. Moving on to the spell card Shein's dojo effect is place 1 bushido counter on this card anytime you normal or special a sam and you can send this card to the grave to summon a sam with equal or less level than the number of bushido counters on this card. This card is very good bushido counters are easy to spam it is from the deck so that's good and is just another staple spell card we will see in sams in either 2 or 3 ( btw this card is not a replacment to gateway by any strech of the mind as it just doesn't net massive +'s like gateway does) Now for the final card which is a trap card called the art of dual wielding  or something like that anyway its effect is when you control exactly 1 face up atk pos. sam you can bounce 2 cards bact to the owners hand. Pretty good but it's restriction that you can only control exactly 1 atk pos sam is kinda bad but it would be broken if it did not have that restriction but i actually see this card working in some if not all sam builds at 1 maybe 2 but that is kind pushing it.
So that is my second review of extreme victory stay reading as I have a bunch more content to write about so please remember to follow and comment and answer the poll question which is in dierct response to this post: what effect do you think extreme victory will have on the tcg meta? Answer the poll i would love to hear your thoughts!

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