Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The return of me! Oh and Format info (did that just make sense)

Well hello people I am back and seems I can't talk or type for that matter for beans YAY! Anyways sorry for the little hiatus but I have been studying for cst"s and finals so you know how it is. I am actually here to talk about how the format is heading and my personal experiences. So I entered my loal tourney with my six sam deck in the last tourney before extrme victory is legal so no dojo(yet) but I still did good. My first match was against gravekeepers 2-0'd him, it seems like gravekeepers are losing steam right now maybe it's just me but no gravekeepers topped at my local this time. My second round was against kmp and that deck is really good I didn't really  know how to play against it so I lose 1st game but side some good stuff in game 2 and win, then I really know how to play against the deck and side in d fissure (best tech ever in side deck) and draw it in my opening hand and easily win that one so i am 2-0 right now yay! All kidding aside it seems that kmp is good but will likely see less play with librarian coming out. My third match is aginst my friend who is running machina I lose game 1 because he drwas absolutly beast and always has a counter for everything, so I don't even side and win game 2, then in game 3 I side and losw (what?) so I lose aginst machina well that is a surprise but with fortress contunually coming at me I cannot stop the huge attackers. So my fourth round was against six sam (mirror match) This was real easy first game opened with united and geteway and of course won. Second game I lost but it was real close and both of us had to play smart, but in the end he got me. Third game this was also a close game but in the end I won. So I was moving on to my last round which was aginst junk doppel plants, I knew that this match waould be a tought one with trish and all, but there still is no libaraian so that is one plus. First game he goes synchro crazy with fitzgerald and every other synchro and I lose, then I side in d-fissuer and absolutley wreck the next 2 games thanks to that card! So I wait for the results and I got 12th what! Well oh well better luck next time, but anyway my recap of the meta is that first d- fissure wins games! Second plants are going to totally broken when librarian comes out, third gravekeepers are losing steam? Finally in six sam whoever gets gateway first wins(that is obvious) also on a side note machina have a good matchup against six sam, and also when extrme victory is legal i am adding 2 shiens dojo as that card is real good and I still have to test six sams out against x-saber so i really want to see that matchup. Well that is all for today so thanks for reading!

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