Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vanguard Clans and choosing

Hello again followers, its grant back with another saturly post of vanguard. I hope you liked my previous post because , believe me, things will only get better. Today, i will be talking about the current playable english clans. Now, whenever a new clan(s) appear, i will make a post covering it. Talking about clans reminds me a lot about old style yugioh decks. I miss some of those old days when id face cameron's blackwings with my lightsworn or machina gadgets. Even making decks back then was nice. It was fun. Anyway, on to the topic!

Currently there are 9 different clans:

Royal Paladins- Swarm. equivalent to blackwings. -$150-170
Kagero- Field control, Retires opponents rear guards. Kinda like soul taker or inzektor hornet. -$140
Oracle think tank-Focuses on hand advantage and drawing. The only deck i know that can legally stack cards. $200($250-300 once set 3 comes)
Nova grapplers- Beatdown with multiple attacks. Kinda has bad hands, though. -$130
Spike Brothers- Rush Beatdown, equivalent to gbs without chariot. -$110
Granblue- Toolbox the drop zone(graveyard). Takes a skilled pilot to run. $100
Gold Paladin- It swarms like royals but in a much faster way. They superior call the top card of the deck( trust me its an inconsistent way to set up the field.)- $150(Garmore based), $200(Spectral Duke based), $250(Ezel based)
Narukami- Kagero's twin and my favorite deck atm. Controls the field like kagero but in a different manner. Instead of retiring rear guards, they extend pressure so that the opponent will misplay. Also, takes a skilled pilot to run.- $190
Angel Feather- Toolbox the damage zone, and another skilled pilot deck. $200

With these clans in mind i must warn all of you that choosing isnt easy.  In case you already didnt know   , there is no "perfect" deck so choosing would probably depend on these 3 questions?

What is your playstyle?
How creative can you get?
What deck have you truly loved in the past that would make you run 1 of these decks(if you are from yugioh or magic)?

Now, you don't have to stick to these 9 decks, since there are 3 more viable clans being released 2 weeks from today.

Thats really it for today. I know i may have not been funny in this post but ill try to make a joke next time.
Grant a.k.a Blaster Dark a.k.a The Magnificent Shadow Dragon

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