Saturday, July 21, 2012

Intro and my experience to Cardfight Vanguard

Hello, people of cameron’s blog, my name is Grant(the magnificent shadow dragon). You’ve probably heard of me through many of cam’s posts and you must know that i play cardfight vanguard. It is all true, although since the past week i have decided to play yugioh again(no matter what konami spews out of their king piccolo mouth). Without further ado, I will tell you about cardfight vanguard as well as clear up some rumors behind it .
Cardfight Vanguard is a super tcg(as some may say) due to the fact it combines many aspects from regular tcgs today(magic, yugioh, naruto, pokemon), yet it shows new aspects that i was unfamiliar with. First, is the aspect of
the drive and damage check. When i first heard of this, i thought it as whatever, but over time through those checks you can remember what is in your opponent’s hand(to calculate what they can guard with or whatnot). The second new factor would be there are no further use of other cards outside of units(no spells or traps). I found it awkward to transition from yugioh or magic to vanguard when all i saw was creatures. However, i then realized that every card represents defense and offense as they can either go to the field or be used as a shield. Finally, last but not least, the 3rd new interesting factor would be the triggers. Many YGO and MTG players have often used the sacky factor of the triggers to avoid playing the game, but through playing all 3 of those games ive seen some sort of sackiness within all 3( YGO: easy topdecks/loops/otks, MTG: mana screwed/miracle). People may think triggers are a random factor(like cameron stated in “The Random Factor”) in contrast, i see triggers as an avoidable random factor, since all you need to do is guard appropriately(Not going against cam, but just saying).

Now, the top 5 excuses why people say they wont get into vanguard( this is the clearing up rumors part):

5. “ It doesnt take skill”
Wrong, this game takes plenty of skill. You may not think of it as much but there are many skills to master in this game( guarding, placing proper RG columns, card counting, activating skills without wasting your counterblast/ soulblast, making proper use of your deck). Of course, those aforementioned skills come after you have played the game for a while, but there are people who do not last long because of whoknowswhat.

4. “There is no organized play”
This is a somewhat old excuse, since now WE HAVE ORGANIZED PLAY!!!! In fact, we have the first official vanguard tourney at the anaheim convention center on august 4th. After that there are regionals staring in september. However, what disturbs me the most is when some YGO players and MTG players say that. Uh, hello there was a time when your games didnt have organized play and yet people played those games anyways.

3. “ It’s a rip-off of YGO/MTG”
I laugh at this comment. Just because a game has some random game aspect from another game doesnt mean its a rip-off. If that’s the case then yugioh is a ripoff of magic:the gathering. But its not a rip off of Magic and neither vanguard is to yugioh/magic.

2. “ I don’t have enough money to play 2 card games”
I do understand we live in a shit of an economy and some of us are poor. If u wanted you can just buy a trial deck and limit yourself to that. You actually have a chance to win with a trial deck.

1. “This game won’t last”
This is probably the most irritating(and common) excuse ive heard. IT IS THIS TYPE OF BELIEF THAT KILLS UPCOMING TCGS. Believe me, nothing lasts forever(except family and friendship(dont confuse me with tea)). But even without that cardfight vanguard did take off ladies and gentlemen.

Cardfight Vanguard is a great TCG and if you have access to it, i definitely recommend you try it out. I’ve already stated that im going to play both vanguard and yugioh, so i can balance out 2 card games and so can you. This is just the start of my ongoing articles of vanguard. Next week, i will go over the different clans of vanguard in the english format..
Until next time, see yah!

-Grant a.k.a “Blaster Dark” a.k.a THE MAGNIFICENT SHADOW DRAGON 


  1. I really hate it when people say there's no skill in vanguard, especially since those people suck so badly at it and yugioh as well. They make way too many misplays