Friday, July 20, 2012

Talking Yugioh #1

After a long and restful vacation I am finally back to writing on ze blog. Anyways I always like doing these kind of posts where I talk about what the team is doing, my thoughts on certain ideas and so forth. The problem was I never knew what to name these posts so I would name them something generic. I think I finally thought of an decent name and one that catches the essence of this post. Enough with all of this boring talk let's get to yugioh!

     Grant and I have been recently been staying up pretty late talking about his dark world turbo deck that he is trying to build. We were initially going to run triple sillva but after some testing we realized why no one does that: its horribly inconsistent. Even with the plentiful discard outlets it still wasn't up to par with the rest of the deck. Instead we cut sillva to one and added in some staples that we cut for the sillvas and the deck worked out like expected. We were proud of the deck. The deck doesn't really stray from the norm very much but the one sillva that acts like a tech card really does add a lot of power to the deck. The only traps that we have in the deck are 2 torrential and the solemn judgment. I will post up the deck list once we make sure the deck is perfected. BTW card destruction in dark worlds is like future fusion in dark world, you play it and you win. So far the only bad matchup is the mirror considering all of the discard outlets we use to our advantage they can use as well. Other than that the chaos dragon matchup is winnable about 70% of the the time. The decks best matchup is rabbit or hero, once u get grapha out you pretty much win.

     I was recently looking over the set the return of the duelist and the set is shaping up to be pretty decent. There's not a lot of love for competive play but that also means there are no insanely broken cards yet either. The cover card is fantastic in heroes and makes them very good and able to otk very easy. Gear gigant x is also extremely good in gadgets almost too good.  Soul drain is a card that I have waited for, for almost my entire competive yugioh career, and  that card hands down is my favorite card in the set. I can definatley see that card being used competitively. Other than those before mentioned cards nothing seems to be really good/broken. The spell book archetype is something I would be interested in for the sake of reliving my childhood when I used my horrible spellcaster deck. Its good to see spellcasters getting some support despite that support being mediocre at best. I just hope konmai doesn't print ridicousley overpowered cards for tcg exclusives, it would be nice to have a non game changing set for a change, but we all know that won't happen.

     I actually get a lot of questions from people at locals/readers of the blog asking me why I still care about a format that doesn't have anything else to offer. I honestly don't know why I still care about formats when they reach their end. Grant and I have always been like that while our other teammates are normal people and look onward to next format. In just am always eating sleeping and dreaming yugioh lol.

     On one final note the poll asking about the card fight vanguard article every Saturday is over and the yes answer won by a landslide so expect a vanguard article written by Grant tomorrow and I will hopefully have my ban list wish list up no later than Sunday night.

Thanks for reading this poorly organized post!


  1. That Skill Drain Dark World Turbo deck that Long Dao used at the European WCQ is pretty good lol

    1. Oh thank you for pointing that out,I realized that I never actually took an in depth look at the European wcq decksts.