Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chaos Hero decklist

EDIT: Thanks to LFN for pointing out that I did not have any tourguide lol( when I played the deck at my locals I did not have access to tour guide at that time so I played without them and forgot to add them in when I got home!)

So here is the deck I have been playing most of the format. I recently took out the maxx C's and a breaker for thrasher and a 2 mst's. For the most part it combines the anti meta aspect of heros with the more aggressive aspect of the chaos engine. I choose to only play 3 traps in order to try to stop the aggressive pushes that my opponents make. The one thing that I absolutely love about this deck is the fact that it really doesn't have to commit anything to the field to win. There are times were I summon doom cal and pass and other times when I special thrasher summon startos search ailus exceed into armor ninja play miracle summon a hero fusion(if I have the requirements which I usually do) and go for a agressive push.

Thrasher opens up so many plays to the deck and since there are some really solid rank 4's to summon he just gets more utility every time a new rank 4 is released.

Tragodia is really the only card that needs explaining. Trag is one of my favorite cards in the deck because of the utility he brings to the table. he can be used defensively to block attacks when he has enough attack, he can be used offensively by stealing the opponents  monster using him to make a rank 4 then summoning another beater to attack with. It is plays like those that make the deck so good.

There are games where i have won with the hero engine and times when I have won with just the chaos engine. The only matchup that I truly struggle with is of course chaos dragons. Chaos Dragons are able to do everything this deck can just better. A good side deck can mitigate this for the most part but you still only have a 50/50 chance which imo are not good odds. Other than that the deck performs well against inzketors because of how little it can commit to the field but still backs itself up with gorz and trag. Rabbit is definitely the best matchup(as is the case with normal heros). Overall the deck is very strong and seems to be able to handle this sacktastic format.

Before I go I have a question to ask all of my readers. Would you like to read a cardfight vanguard article every Saturday? The article would be written by Grant(one of my team members) and the articles would discuss decks, strategies, and the meta. Don't worry the blog would still remain a yugioh blog at large(I'm not going anywhere!) and cardfight vanguard would only be featured on Saturday. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I have a poll near the top of the blog asking this same question so make sure to vote! Thanks for reading!