Friday, January 6, 2012

Turbo Pack 7, and plans for the future

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have had some personal problems that I had to deal with so the new year hasn't exactly been a good one up to this point, hopefully this trend goes away! For right now since I have been very busy, I haven't had time to play much of yugioh and when it have it has mostly been on dn. Unfortunately at the current time I haven't been able to perfect the deck that involves the new years riddle that I posted so more waiting must be endured for that deck to be posted but be patient it will be up soon. Today what I am going to talk about is mostly turbo pack 7 plus a little discussion on what my plans are gor yugioh. On to it!

Turbo Pack 7 has of course been reveled and honestly for a turbo pack I have come to expect this here is the spoiler just in case you were late to the party:(courtesy of pojo)

TU07-EN000 Ally of Justice Catastor (Ultimate Rare)
■TU07-EN001 Book of Moon (Ultra Rare)
■TU07-EN002 Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke (Super Rare)
■TU07-EN003 Yellow Gadget (Super Rare)
■TU07-EN004 X-Saber Pashuul (Super Rare)]
■TU07-EN005 Horn of the Phantom Beast (Super Rare)
■TU07-EN006 Dark Horus (Rare)
■TU07-EN007 Lightning Warrior (Rare)
■TU07-EN008 Primal Seed (Rare)
■TU07-EN009 Big Evolution Pill (Rare)
■TU07-EN010 Tail Swipe (Rare)
■TU07-EN011 Geartown (Rare)
■TU07-EN012 Seiyaryu 
■TU07-EN013 Serpent Night Dragon 
■TU07-EN014 Kotodama 
■TU07-EN015 Gokipon 
■TU07-EN016 Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja 
■TU07-EN017 Herald of Orange Light 
■TU07-EN018 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn 
■TU07-EN019 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation 
■TU07-EN020 Ninjitsu Art of Decoy

Anyways for a turbo pack it honestly isn't that bad, key words: For a turbo pack. If this set was compared to any other it would be bad. The catastor as a ulti is okay but personally I have always liked the sexy look of a secret over a ulti so i don;t see myself purchasing this pack for the ulti. The one card I do see myself purchasing this pack for is the ultra book of moon. Traditionally I am very lucky when it comes to turbo packs and since turbo pack 4 I have always pulled at least the ultra, and in turbo pack 5 and 6 I pulled the ulti and ultra, so you could say I have luck. Its really to bad that I can't be lucky in any other pack besides turbo packs lol. Case and Point: Ultra Book of moon is the best card in this set. The supers are okay since I have my saber fetish I will probably have to get the super pashhul's , but does konmai have to shove their products down our throat at every turn, the sasuke reprint is only for the ninja's that are coming out in ORCS too bad nobody will play sasuke in ninja's. The other supers are okay as well, the rares and commons are jank nuff said. Only reason I am going to buy some packs of this set: ultra book of moon(it has nothing to do with ho lucky i am with turbo packs lol)

On to my plans for yugioh. I am going to YCS Long Beach for sure, it has been a while since I went to a YCS so it will be a nice change of pace though I will probably get my ass kicked but that is how you will get better at this game. In preparation for this YCS I will try to vist Locals every week and train with my team at any point that I can, btw I think the whole team is going to the YCS, I think.

Thanks for reading and now I am off to test my still mysterious deck!


  1. Buying Turbo Packs is illegal...

  2. @Lost Blue Breaker: My shop sells them for $3 when you enter the tourney that they host, and they also give them out as prizes if you make it to the finals. I apologize I must have not made my self clear when I say buy I don't mean buy them from a big box retailer but buy when I enter my local tourney.