Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Adventures of my sneak peak

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while but life has been getting very hectic recently and time is short, I am now fully back into the game( locals every week, regionals whenever there is one and YCS etc) and I am having alot of fun. You might be asking yourself well weren't you in the game already and yes that is true but my yugioh schedule was inconsistent so in keeping with my new years resolution I am now going to every yugioh event possible within reason of course. Anyway I hope all of you readers had a great sneak peak and pulled some really great cards as for me well keep reading to find out all about that.

When I arrived at my sneak there was like 5 people there and I was like um where are all the people( there is usually 50+ on a sneak peak day, 40+ any other day yes my local is very big) and Jason(the guy working behind the counter) says oh there is a regional today, and I'm like I didn't get the memo. At this point I am mad at myself for not attending the regional but what evs. Then 2 of my team members text me saying they can't come to the sneak bringing the grand total of team Crimsonraiders members present to 1: myself. The other members Chris and Grant couldn't come because they were busy doing things, so now I am like great I am all alone and my bros aren't with me. Finally a few regulars come in and I am so happy to see people I know, turns out they didn't get the memo about the regional either. We sit around and talk for a while and then we are all like " when is the sneak starting?", Jason says " when we get the usual number of  people." At this point we all know that hardly anybody else is coming so we just sit and talk some more, finally Jason gets the memo that nobody else is going to show up so he starts the sneak since attendance is so low we get to enter twice, cool!

I open my first 5 packs and pull all rares wonderful! I open my next set of packs and pull a jank super, I think it was like some dragon thing that is dark and is 6 stars, I sold it to some collector so I don't even know what it was called, yeah it was that bad. My friends pull hornets and holo ninja stuff and they are like Yeah awesome! and I am like when I grow up I want to be a real pack puller lol. After the opening they ask" Cameron what did u pull" and I am like this garbage super suffice to say we moved on to another conversation topic. After this so far horrible day the mat raffle starts and suddenly a wave of people I have never seen before flood into the store, I'm like WTF! Jason calls my name and I am like Yes I won a mat, then Jason tells me " nope you are going to roll the dice to see who wins the mat." Epic fail -_- after a seemingly endless amount of rolls and people taking my precious mats away from me I finally roll my number YAY! So I win a mat and my time failing is ever so slightly redeemed. I hang out some more then head home and that is my time at the sneak. Props to anyone who can tell me the exact number of the times I said "like" in this post lol.

I won the mat
I had a good time talking to people
being the official dice roller lol

I missed the regional
My team couldn't make it
The tournament organizer for scheduling a regional on the sneak day
Having to wait for what seemed like forever because Jason wanted more people to show up
Horrible pulls from the packs

Thanks for reading and the decklists that I promised and that people requested are coming soon via screenshots from DN.

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