Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just trying to make sense of all this

Yes this is going to be a rant, a hopefully very interesting rant but a rant nontheless.

So YCS Columbus happened this weekend...... oh I was just waiting for all of the people reading this post to go check out the coverage of the event which you can find here. After you have done so can somebody please explain to me this page. WTF not a single dark world, in round 9 there were 10 or 11 dark world decks at the top tables(I say 10 or 11 because I still can't understand what konami meant by that one post they did at round 9) fast forward to top 32 and there is not even 1! I don't play dark world as my main deck so its not like I am butt hurt or anything but I guess what i am more upset about is that 20 spots of the top 32 were tengu/tour guide synchro! 20 SPOTS! Call me ignoarnt but i can still not understand how that deck is tier 1 material and judging by the results of this event possible even tier .5. Agents only had 6 slots and the rest were randoms. So agents are slowly being pushed off the scene and tengu tour guide deck continues to dominate. Sure the decks nimber were bolstered after winning the last YCS and judging by the results of this YCS netdeckers are having fun to say the least. My mind is spinning was dark world over hyped? Is it truly a bad deck? Is the september 2011 format any different then march 2011? I am so disappointed by the results of this YCS. Don't get me wrong I am not butt hurt over dark wolrds losing, I truly angry at the fact that tengu/tour guide synchro continues to dominate, worst part about it is that I don't see it changing, agents are obsivouly losing strength, dark worlds are apparently not a strong contender for tier 1 status. The game is slowly but surely approaching  the tele dad format again. I am so angry this game is heading down a horrible path one that I am not sure I can continue to follow for much longer, something needs to be done fast, i don't now what but at least last  format we had some diversity this format we are losing that precious item of the game. I have to gather my thoughts, I don't think this post properly conveys what I am feeling right now, I in fact don't know what i am feeling right now.


  1. I don't think the September 2011 format will be like the March 2011 format.

    In March 2011, it was basically who went first to set three to five cards, summoned a very big/strong monster (SDD, Shi En, Sin Cyber End, Gravekeeper's backed with Necrovalley, etc.) and pass. Either that or who drew Trunade first to make a huge push with T.G. Hyper Librarian plays.

    September 2011 is a much more different with huge power cards and because the die roll doesn't matter outside of drawing Trap Dustshoot. This format is much more skillful imo and I think Synchro Monsters will be the best deck since every other deck is pretty linear (HERO, Agents), has to use two or three cards to get of there combos (X-Sabers, Dark World) or is just weaker than Synchro Monster(GBs?).

  2. Its not a new tele dad format. tele dad was play DAD or lose, this is not the case . The reason their were so many tengu plant tops are because the numbers. it won last YCS so people jump on the band wagon. Plus plants have a flexability that no other deck has at the moment. Plus TCG=broken exclusives.

  3. I'm crossing my fingers for an emergency limit on tour guide, since if this is like the tele dad format then it should surely happen.........hopefully

  4. @Everyone: Thank you I actually agree with all of you I was just meerly speaking my INITIAL thoughts on the event, on my post reviewing YCS Columbus that is when I will have my TRUE thoughts on the event as a whole.