Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Dark Worlds debunked!

Hey guys! So today I am going to talk about Dark Worlds. This is basically a post on what I have learned thus far with my testing. Enjoy!

SIDE NOTE: These are my play experiences with dark worlds, your time with them might be slightly different!

So if you played during the infernity era you would know that infernity players liked to have no hand because then most of their cards's combos would go off. Dark Worlds are ver similar except for one key difference. Dark Worlds like their hand they just don't like yours. When dark worlds know you don't have a hand then they can do most of their plays. Dragged down into the grave symbolizes this. Through all of my testing against and with dark worlds I have noticed these things:

1. Maxx C is dead if you main deck it you can wait for the tour guide play in which you would get a plus one, problem is tour guide is played in a very problematic way in this deck. It is mostly used mid to late game. Get broww bounce ss grapha get sangan search the game winning raven. It takes a bit of set up to get grapha into grave(if you don't have a immediate discard outlet(or foolish) which most games you don't, card destruction is too risky to play currently, same with morphing jar, dwd could be teched at one copy but that is still not enough discard outlets.) and once that setup has been achieved then your plus 1 with maxx c when they play tour guide is laughable. Effect veiler is a little more useful as it actually stops that play and doesn't give the game to the dark world player. I am not teling you to run out and cut all maxx c copies from your deck but just know it will be dead in dark world and the days of people maining 3 are over.

2. Meta resistance I touched on this last paragraph but all hand traps don't really have a use in the dark world matchup. Another large factor is that warning is so sub par in this matchup but still stellar in other matchups, bottomless is vice versa, you could play both but then space becomes a issue. This leads to the bigger picture which is:

3. Game 1 matchup: Since dark worlds are not the only tier 1 deck and because the hand traps are so critical in all of your other matchups most people are still going to run the hand traps(rightfully so I might add) but this puts you in a worse position sure effect veiler can stop that tour guide that would in turn lead to the game winning play but dark worlds can very easily recover and just resort to grapha spam which is powerful in in its own right. Tour guide is very good for the deck but my point is if you are playing a tour guide dark world deck, tour guide helps the deck along but dark worlds function fine without it. My point is the deck is: dark worlds with tour guide and not tour guide with dark world. If you don't have the money to buy tour guides(like me) don't take this the wrong way you need tour guide in order for dark worlds to be tier 1. Sad fact of yugioh but just bite the bullet and move on.

4. Your hand is either a shadow of what it used to be or not a secret at all: Dragged down into the grave is the culprit of this. Thanks to dragged down that good hand is now crappy. Dark worlds love to rip into your hand and get rid of any possible threats or hope of a comeback. Playing against 4 dustshoots in one game is now reality. Also against a good player this allows them to play around what you have in your hand and see any possible threats to their combos. Another reason why hand traps are so meh in this matchup.

5. If hand traps are bad then just use regular traps right? Wrong: Cards are like bottomless are good but when dark world imprsioning s have mst, heavy and their own boss monster with a built in mst/ smashing ground that makes non chainable traps no good. Dark worlds have a lot of destruction built into them which is another reason why they are so good as even if they hate a card on the field 9 times out of ten they can get rid of it.

With all of this I make it sound as if dark worlds are unbeatable that is far from the truth.

1. Game 2 and 3: Dark worlds have worse game 2 and 3 matchup then game 1(not to say they are bad in game 2 and 3, its just that they aren't as good.) Gemini imps allows you to stop the hand ripping and get plus ones, shadow mirror, contrary to popular belief is amazing in this matchup if they do not have a out for it right away they by all means should lose that game. D.D crow is one of the few very effective hand traps for dark world it allows you to get rid of that grapha and generally just keeps the grave clean. Throughout my testing I also found out that cards that remove cards from the grave are good, but stopping the hand ripping is the main priority, if space is tight in the side(when isn't it!) focus on stopping the dragged down, also never underestimate the power of shadow imprisioning mirror I cannot stress that enough, when that card is on the field dark worlds can do next to nothing save a possible raven play. Dark worlds will likely side dealings and destruction if they know that they are not in the mirror again this falls under the category of stopping the hand, don't let it happen(Gemini imps ftw)

The early game: Dark worlds do take a little set up and if you can somehow disrupt that setup you are in good shape. Whether that be using veiler on tour guide to stop that critical sangan search. They don't main alot of discard outlets in fear of the mirror, use that to your advantage and capitilize on making strong early game plays that will allow you to be ready fro the late game, whther that means setting up( X-Sabers) or making early game attacks( blackwings) or just having a strong play waiting(like a venus play) just be ready and out speed them in the mid to late game.

Debunk: Yes this card gets its own section. I have actually always loved this card but it is finally getting its time in the limelight. Single handily this card can ruin dark worlds and put you in a very powerful position. Jeff Jones said that this card is like the new effect veiler and he couldn't be more right. Try it and you will be satisfied, you either side this = Gemini imps or shadow imprsioning mirror+ Gemini imps, your choice but just make sure to try out both, debunk is more of a disruptive card and helps take back the mid to late game that you thought you had lost.

So there are many other things that I could talk about like boss monsters and techs but this is less of a deck building session and more of a: here is dark world and this is what I used to beat them mind of post. I hope that this post has been very informative and helpful and hopefully you are ready for Dark Worlds! Also thank you for the 4500+ page views keep on reading and I will keep on writing! Thanks for reading!

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