Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shiens dojo

So just a little discussion this time (srry for the lack of posts I really couldn't think of any interesting content) but today i am going to be talking about shiens dojo. This card is really good I mean really good. I was playtesting this out at 2 copies and that was very consistent, then 1 which was too little and 3 was way to much. So I decided on 2 copies. I personally think that this card is going to make six sams survive well into the end of this format(at least) basically this card makes those shien plays very easy and is also a great follow up play to shien so a good combo is to sync for shien special kizan, ditch dojo, get kagemush, synch for level 6(mostly barkion, but you could use any). The card is also extrmely versitile allowing to go aggro, or allowing to go for more control over your opponent. At first I was playing 2 dojo with 3 upstarts(the aggro style) then i kinda switched the 3 upstarts with 2 veiler and 1 d prison 9this is control) dojo could very easily change the way six sams are played. Some people are saying that six sams are at the end of their rope but in my opinion they are just getting started. Right now I am at an impass i could go aggro, but the format seems to be swining toward more control but is always nice that dojo allows you to go either way, just playtest and by switching a few cards go with wahtever playstyle you like better. So all in all play dojo it is good!

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