Sunday, October 28, 2012

Most recent event

Hey, its Grant!

Sorry for being gone long, as i stated in my last article, me and cameron wont be able to update the blog frequently because of school. However, a most recent event has sparked my interest.

One day, I looked at Michael Bonancini's blog(DeathAspect) and saw an article of reform from Kris

In it, he stated the current state of the game and necessary steps to bring yugioh back to a competitive state. It got me thinking about Yugioh, Magic:The Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard, as well as their current states.

Yugioh: With the new banlist, yugioh's metagame has balanced out at last. We havent had a skilled format since september 2010(before the arrival of six sams). However, i would call it a game more suited for casual players.

Magic: Game reads "Competitive players enter here."

Vanguard: Semi- competitive. Was meant to be a fun game, though.

The difference between yugioh and cardfight vanguard was that yugioh was a new kid on the block that gave magic a run for its money. That was when i was in Kinder to 2nd grade. Now, Yugioh still is the #1 card game, but what in the future? Vanguard was meant to be casual to begin with, but bushiroad still flies winners out to nationals and worlds.

What about Konami?

What will the future lie ahead for Yugioh?

The answer is: I don't know.

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