Sunday, November 4, 2012


As i type this post, i see that many bloggers are leaving yugioh as well as Wilson Tsang(a.k.a 3zinferno). It's weird i thought yugioh could return to its former glory with the banlist, but i was wrong again!

It's sad to see a game i love lose its competitive side and literally turn into a "children's card game."

But it is losing its competitive edge.

Prize support, competitive play, jacked-up rulings, competitive players(if any) turn out to be in it for the money and not fame( a lot of ARG writers).

To not worry about this, i've been playing magic, which does not have the above problems and i like the game in general. In fact, I recently got 3rd at my last fnm. (No need to worry about vanguard, ill be playing it again once Shadow Paladins come out in a month).

But Yugioh, i'm really not sure about anymore. I'm conflicted between selling my agent deck and just focusing on magic and vanguard or keeping it just to play casual.

What are your thoughts on yugioh atm?



  1. Nice, another Magic player, what deck do you play in Magic? I played GWB Angel of Serenity at my FNM and got 2nd place, only losing out to BR Zombies!

    And yeah, competition in Yugioh has died.

  2. If Konami fails to solve this problem, there will be a huge decline in YGO.

    1. @ ShadowParadox Its true that there has always been players that leave the game. But when yugiohs meta finally becomes balanced and people still leave, thats an issue.

      @ Kamisture Ironically, i play BR Zombies which got 3rd.

  3. I feel like there is definitely a decline, but Yugiohs reputation hasnt fallen to the point of no return yet. The next few YCS will be very telling of the future of the game (Player turnout being the main factor as well as who tops.)