Sunday, September 9, 2012

Local Report: We get turned down, little kids take over locals, I break up with bubbleman, and a hero rises.....and falls

  1. Get  a good nights sleep
  2. Eat a good breakfast
  3. Get to the venue early
  4. Do last some last minute testing before the regional
  5. Compete at the regional
As you probably inferred this is my checklist for whenever I go to regionals. So why isn't number 5 crossed off? It didn't happen and since the regional is now over it never will happen. Before the regional even started Grant, Brett, and Ryan all had some shit to do so they couldn't come. It was up to Chris and I to represent the team. Or so we thought. At the pace we were moving at we were going to be at the venue at about 9:00 and registration didn't end until 10:00. We have arrived at many 700+ person regionals about an hour early and have had no problems so were not worried. Well we should have been. There was a huge delay, only 6 konamai employees were checking people in and with a line still at 200 strong that process was anything but fast. Then suddenly the line just stopped moving. Then at 11:30, after a full hour of no movement a konami employee informed us that they had only rented 2 rooms instead of the usual 3 because they had unforeseen numbers of people even though this kind of large scale regional has happened before. So they turned us away. It seemed like the 200 people that were mislead(us included) were going to riot lol. Konami even called security just to make sure that didn't happen, so that was pretty funny. After the turning down, Chris and I decided to go to locals and pick up our just starting out yugioh playing friend: Ryan(not the Ryan from the team).

So the three of us arrive at locals along with alot of the same people that were turned down at regionals. The little kids had invaded our locals and were screaming and shouting as they played some sort of bat shit, everything goes form of yugioh. It looked more like a playground than a local yugioh shop. Hands down the funnies thing though were the little kids playing the street fighter arcade game. They were fighting each other(in the game) and as each of them landed a hit on each other they would yell something out in korean(maybe they were cussing) and one kept yelling MINECRAFT for no apparent reason. A kid right next to the street fighting kids had just bought a plain green mat and proceeded to take a permanent sharpie marker and try to make recatngles(in the shape of a yugioh card of course) well they looked nothing like rectangles and instead looked like deformed traingles. When his dad pointed out that he had pretty much ruined the mat he proceeded to cry and throw a tantrum(mind you these kids were not babies they were ages 9-11) right at the same time the street fighting kids were screaming in joy or horror, I couldn't tell and the minecraft kid yelled MINECRAFT. Suffice to say the three of us nearly died laughing. I can hardly keep a straight face while writing this. I am not exaggerating it was complete anarchy but so hilarious. After a while the mat tantrum kid was carried out by his parent and the strret fighting kids were replaced by more mature individuals, though the minecraft kid continued yelling MINECARFT for absolutely no apparent reason at all throughout the day. The rest of the little kids(about 10 in all) moved over to the yugioh tables and proceeded to sack with six sams, mill the nuts with lightsworn, steal games with bls, miss timing, play cards recklessly, waste power cards, and use banned cards all the while being very loud about the whole process. I'm not sure why 10 year olds feel the need to be so vocal but I really hope I was nothing like that when I was 10. Near the time when local tourney signups began starting the little kids started to file out giving the store a sense of calmness that was thought by many to be impossible to achieve. Though if you must know MINECRAFT kid was still there.

So after all that I have time to talk to people and they say running heroes at locals is a bad idea because everyone and there mother is running dark world which is bad news for heros. I was thinking whatever as it was just locals but when it was announced the winner of the tourney would get a box of return of the duelist, the stakes were raised. There were around 70 people attending with 4 rounds of swiss and a cut to the top 16. In the end though I stayed with heros just for the sole fact that I have been using and testing the deck for so long now that I know all the plays the deck has and how  to play it correctly that even if I had some bad matchups I could survive. Plus the world needs a hero to save them from the villanous world of darkness that currently enveloped our precious local shop, so Ailus and I teamed up to try to make a miarcle fusion between us happen that would close the gates of the dark world. On to the actual tournamnet report!

DECK USED: Skill Drain Hero(I kept in skill drain for the rouge matchups, which locals tend to have  alot of)

DECK FACED: Dark Worlds!
Game 1: Dark worlds ran into their usual consistency issues and I slowly beat him down, he attempted to resolve a dealings but I had dark bribe.

Game 2: He was able to resolve a card destruction, need I say more?

Game 3: This one was also back and forth, 2 of his grapha's were gone thanks to bottomless and d prision but he eventually had the foolish burial to send grapha then summon it and he beat me down from there.

Result: LOSS
Evil has won this round but good always wins. The heros will defeat the dark World!

Round 2:
DECK FACED: Dark Worlds Again!
Game 1: I stopped his card destruction with bribe, his dragged down took out my dark hole and I sent grapha making me lose a card. I drew into e call from the dragged down and then drew into d prision for my draw. I removed grapha then slowly beat him down.

Game 2: He played gates then got his plusses from there. I used super poly to temporarily get rid of grapha, then dd crow finished the job. I had skill drain when he played tour guide and used miracle fusion to get shining so he couldn't come back.

Result: WIN
The heros are staging a comeback

Round 3:
My opponent ran away at the sight of such a heroic deck. In normal terms he never showed up.

Result: WIN

Round 4:
DECK FACED: None again!
I got a bye! Why? Now my tie breakers are horrible and I have a very slim chance of winning that box.

Round 5:
DECK FACED: Lighsworn
Game 1: Lightsworn milled bad and heros are consisitent so I won.
Game 2: This was a pretty back and forth game. Lightsworns milled good but I was able to delay the JD by using reborn to get celestia so now he only had 3 lightsworns in grave. He eventually destroyed celsitia and summoned JD and used bottomless trap hole. For a few turns nothing really happaned as we both drew no monsters until he drew lumina, revived another lumina(he had no cards left in hand) then he overlayed into zenmaines. I drew into ROTA which got me ailus(I had already used stratos) then I used super poly to get nova master and I beat him down from there.

Result: WIN
Record: 4-1

Apparently my tie breakers were bad so no top 8 for me( thanks in part to that bye). Chris however did top 8 with Machina's but he then proceeded to lose against Agents. I watched the game and it was one of the best games I have seen. The agent guy is a regular and I commonly see him at regionals, the game was back and forth but agents pulled out the 2nd win.

After the tourney we hung araound and talked to people then we went off to eat dinner. The newb ryan told us how he went 0-5 which was pretty funny but this was his first ever foray into competitive yugioh. His deck was bad( I told him so!) so he said he wanted to build final countdown( another troll) I just shook my head in dismay. Some other yugioh players were there so we did some trading. Chris and I tested some more and I finally took out bubbleman. Whenever I drew into him he was useless, I just wanted to try him out to give my skill drain heros a little more explosiveness but I must look elsewhere. Overall I was disappointed with my performance today but I have a few more things I am going to be testing out for my hero deck so hopefully it all works out. The hero will rise again as good always wins over evil.

Thanks for reading!