Wednesday, September 5, 2012

YCS Toronto: What it means for the meta

 Hey readers! No, its not Grant, Its me, the supposed main blogger that hasn't been very main, eh whatever. I'm not here to give my usual I was busy speech. No infact I wasn't really busy and have been playing this format alot. So far the format is pretty decent. lets talk!

One little constant annoying thing that just irks me when it really shouldn't is the fact that a YCS happened on the very first day of the format. I always enjoyed going to a regionals before any major event happened and see what the local duelists played. For the people that went to Toronto it really makes no difference but for people like me that really can't go because of school and such, it just irks me, that being said I really should just take it with a grain of salt. Nothing to surprising happened at Toronto though. The one thing that I loved though was Jeff Jones using psychics. I have always liked Jeff Jones because he is the one "pro player" that ventures out of the accepted norm. Remember he did play Nordics at one YCS(I forget which one). Aparntly for the duelists that have been loyal to psychics, you guys now have a deck to go off of. I can bet the farm that we will be seeing more psychics in the future. Also i think we can classify this in the "amazing meta call section" along with Frazier Smith using Gravekeepers at Atalanta. Wind ups winning the event was not really a shock, basically if you followed the news it was a general consensus that wind ups were far from dead. Personally this reminded me of exactly a year ago when Plants has been "nerfed" only to be the best deck and win YCS after YCS in that respective format. People called Plants dead and they weren't, infact they were alive and breathing, if you followed the news, then you knew this. The same situation has happened here. Play the game long enough and history starts repeating itself.

Konami's coverage sucked but at this point that's par for the course. We can't even depend on top cut decklists anymore instead we rely on the now unofficially official yugitubers and  people that were at the event. Come on Konami get your shit in order. Some decks that I saw while looking where plant synchro(nice to see a comeback) among other things. One thing that I have been surprised to see none of is agents. Grant and I have done some extensive testing with them and they are quite good. I will be back with more testing results later. Personally I will be sticking to my heroes(cause apparently I own them). They have proven effective this format and that is evident by the top cut finishes at Toronto. In the most basic form YCS Toronto has provided us with a clear idea of the format right at the beginning of the format and on a much grander scale that the usual regional. November is the month that things get shaken up. Abyss rising comes out which will change the meta and if history has taught us anything probably for the worse. Wind ups winning YCS Toronto is old news. Knowing how to side deck for them is old news as well. This is where yugioh gets intricate, the tiny meta shifts that ultimatley dicate the way the game is played must be determined. We as players must learn to out predict this shift and change with it. YCS Toronto should not be the meta determiner until November. People will shift the way they play in order to better prepare themselves against wind ups, then they will shift again learning how to play against the oppenent that has prepared against win ups. Its complicated but very integral to anyone's success in this game. I will test and be back with more info. Right now I am going to sleep. Goodnight and as always thanks for reading!


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