Saturday, November 26, 2011

X-Saber decklist

20-10-10 The Golden Ratio lol
Hey Guys! So Today I am brining you my X saber deck I have been using as of late. It is pretty good, I just have one dielmma, I have been going back and forth between +1 Bottomless, -1 veiler, or -1 veiler and +1 D-Prison I honestly don't know which is better and I have tested them out and they all seem to work. On a lighter note the deck is very consistent and can be set up by turn 2. Naturia beast and brio are boss in this deck. It has a good matchup against karakuri and agents and bad matchup against dino rabbit and a even matchup between DW and tengu/tour guide decks. Overall I am pleased with the results this deck brings and of course sabers will be my deck for this format! Yes Short post but hopeully a good one!

BTW: No video for this deck, I was to lazy maybe I will have one at a later time.


  1. Three Maxx "C" and three XX-Saber Emmersblade is way to much.

  2. @Lost Blue Breaker: In regards to the emmersblade, I always have preferred running three, imo their are three ways of running sabers, a more aggressive version but less consistent version that runs 3 fautroll, 3 boggart and 2 emmersblade, another version is the less explosive but more consistent version which runs 2 boggart, 3 emmersblade, and 2 fautroll, there has been another version on the rise as of late that attempts to blend the two which runs three of all three of the before mentioned monsters it basically uses the third boggart as a 1900 beater and with rai-oh on the rise of play I can see why this version has gained play but I personally always thought I could use that 3rd boggart slot for something more useful.

    I am clearly playing the more consistent less explosive version which suits my play style perfectly, you were most likely referncing the more explosive version of sabers

    In regards to 3 Maxx C, yes to some it can be a little much but to me it is all but a necessity at 3 this format