Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My thoughts on Yugioh and the impending doom of Tour bus of the underworld

Hey guys! I just wanted to talk about yugioh and me and stuff that has been happening lately.

So I was exploring new deck ideas for sabers, since I am such a saber whore lol. Since they do have anu pirhanna I decided to try a rabbit varient of the deck. I actually have had a rabbit saber deck that has seen use on DN for a while now but since the for mat has finally revealed its secrets I optimized it for the new format aka adding in Maxx C. It did pretty well it was a combo machine that had pretty good plays, the anu's were never dead in my hand as if if they got into my hand I just used boggart to XYZ into a rank 4. Really the main strength of the deck is that it has a lot of stability as when it is not doing combos it usually has a roach or utopia on the board. The rabbit is never dead at any point of the game, if it is early I use it for a rank 4, if it is mid or late game I can use it to bring out 2 anu pirannha for a instant setup for fautroll. Then I do all the usual saber stuff. I had a good time playing with the deck and I should really do it more often as I haven't played a completely new deck idea in a while and the time I spent with the deck was time that I spent having fun which is why i love this game! For the cons of the deck It doesn't really pack much protection which I usually use in my decks, I could only fit 2 maxx C in and I couldn't tech in any bottomless or D-Prision, I was able to use the usual stuff like the solemn brigade and the staples but I still wanted a slightly more protective trap lineup or at least a third Maxx C

On to another subject I am happy that this saturday I am finally going back to my locals after a prolonged hiatus from there. The last time I was there was at the photon shockwave sneak peak. Locals really don't provide a good testing ground for decks but is still good to see what latest decks people are playing. Also now that tier 1 decks are very expensive people at locals have just completely strayed from tier 1 status, which proves my theory of if you want to test, don't do it at locals.Then again the last I played at locals out of the 5 rounds of swiss I played 4 agents and 1 six sam, I smashed 3 of the agents and lost to 1 agent and the six sam(I know sad). Karakuri is really proving to be the best cheapest deck through. But even the cheapest deck is not that cheap considering Maxx C which imo is a complete staple no matter what. In general though I just like hanging out with my friends at locals, they are really cool.

Talking about the yugioh meta, the new dragon structure deck is quickly proving its validity in this game. It basically embodies what konami wanted this format to be: throw out a shit ton of boss monsters that come back and keep attacking. Dragons do need some help though and maybe just maybe future fusion will be banned next format seeing know that even if future fusion goes dragons won't entirely die out(it will still hurt though). It is a good thing that combo decks still have a place in this game, as they are my favorite kind of deck!

I am actually looking forward to YCS Brighton, I think it was a really good idea to put it on a normally dead time of the year for yugioh. Sure the results for this YCS won't be terribly different from the last YCS but I have just always liked YCS's in Europe, the coverage team does a great job and maybe since the UK is a saber hot spot(at least I think it still is) another saber deck will top. The saber deck that topped YCS KC wasn't really my playstyle and I prefer regular sabers over the build that topped, not to say that build isn't any good I actually tested it out and really like the stuff it could pull off, in fact I even went a step further and added some T.G monsters( a striker, werewolf, and a rhino) and tengu and the build was really good(it screws over your opponent so bad!). I am of course still trying to perfect the build and might post the list after I am done and plus creature swap is always fun to play especially when you trade emmersblade for a BLS! Still space is tight. Anyways back to the main point YCS Brighton is something that I am looking forward to.

In my last little discussion I want to talk about ORCS, in the OCG the set seems to be balanced, with royal prision and other good but not broken usable cards. The ninja archetype looks to be very good and will likely be tier 1 with their art of transformation trap card(or whatever it's called). More support for windups also ooks to be promising and now that deck has a sliver of hope, but probably not while tengu/tour guide decks rule the game. Moving on to the last point is tour bus of the underworld. When I saw this card I felt so disappointed, the last thing we need is more broken tour guide support. Sure we do not know the effect of the card(which is why I saved this discussion for last) but konami doesn't really have a stellar track record with printing non broken cards and anything with the "tour guide name cannot be good for the game, I love this game but konami is testing that relationship. I will update you more when I have more information on this card.

I should do more posts like this, i like talking about my thoughts, thanks for reading and keep your fingers crossed for a balanced tour bus of the underworld.

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