Saturday, December 17, 2011

What have I been up to?

On a random note does anybody else just sometimes sit there and listen to the tranquil christmas esque music on DN? Probably not but I do! Hey guys! So I have been very busy lately hence why i am not posting on a regular basis, but I am getting some time off from school ver soon as my exams are next week then I am finally free!

Anyways I have been recently playing around with a few different decks on DN and have been having alot of fun. Some of the decks are using cards from ORCS(which I think is a stellar set not counting the most likely broken TCG exclusives.) To name a few decks: Blackwing, a new varient of X-saber and TGish deck that is really kinda weird but somehow works, and to round it out darkworlds with the new cards from ORCS.  I know this is kinda quick post but I wanted to put something up and let you guys know that I am still here, I will be posting soon but I just nned to finish my exams so bear with me!

Thanks for reading and see you in a week!

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