Saturday, March 3, 2012

Locals Report 3-3-12

Yes I am back. I do apologize for not posting in a while( you've heard that before lol) but I was super busy studying for a big exam and then I got sick. Then as I was getting better I got hit with the flu WTF. I even got a flu shot but apparently that didn't help oh well. So to sum it up I was sick for the past 2 weeks and busy withs school. I am back on track with my posting schedule so I can guarantee regular posts for the rest of march. Anyway I went to locals today!

I choose to go with my Chaos Heros again today. I have been testing the deck out extensively and it has gone very well. Despite the lackluster 3-2 record last local, I was determined to do better this time. I don't really need anything before the tourney this time but i do find out that my local has changed to only 4 swiss rounds which is a little weird because we still have our usual 40+ people but whatever.

Round 1: Chaos Heros Vs. Blackwings
Duel 1: The game is back and forth in the beginning with each of us summoning a monster and it getting destroyed next turn by a attack. He summon DAD mid game he attacks me directly but next turn I have a miracle fusion in hand to summon shining with 2900 atk I continue to beat face but two turns later he summons sirroco sp bora and gale halfs and kaluts for game! Oh blackwings I love and hate you all at the same time.

Game 2: Again it is back and forth until I get some temp going by denying him his +1 icruas atk by using geni spark on his face down. I then continue to beat face with tkro and ailus until he summons sirroco sp bora pumps then plays leeching the light WTF man.

Result: LOSS
Record 0-1
He was a good player but a bad deck is still a bad deck but i digress. He did have some good plays. Time to win my next 3 rounds!

Round 2: Chaos Heros Vs. Chaos Dragons
If this is anything like a movie the hero always defeats the dragon and saves the princess so I should automatically win here right? In all seriousness she is a regular player at the shop and a decent one at that.
Game 1: She gold sarcs for future fusion then sets masked dragon. I beat face with beaters then summon doomcal to solidify my field. her only out is future fusion but that is to no avail as I draw into mst and promptly destroy it winning the game.

Game 2: She starts off with wyvern and begins the whole light pulsar and darflare dragon thing with redmd, I survive the turn thanks to trag with 3k atk, then I gemini spark her backrow, allowing me to summon BLS and I win the game because BLS is too good and needs to be banned.

Result: WIN
Record: 1-1
If you are still curious the hero saved the day lol.

Round 3: Chaos Hero Vs. Dark World
He was a good player and a regular so so far I wasn't paired against newbs which is good.

Game 1: My deck has a pretty good dark world matchup for the most part. It is pretty back and forth from teh get go until I use heavy getting a plus 2 then miracle fusion for shining and get more advantage with spirit reaper by that time the deficit is too much and he can't come back.

Game 2: I use breaker and mst to keep his gates off the field then I use chaos sorc to remove grapha and from there I win.

Result: WIN
Record: 2-1

Round 4(final round): Chaos Heros Vs. Dark World
Again he is a regular and I have played against him multiple times and we have had some good games so this will be good.
Game 1: He gets off his dark world combos earky game and I have no outs and lose.
Game 2: The game goes on forever but at the late game the chaos sorc to reove grapha and the spark to destroy the other grpha is so clutch and I win.
Game 3: The game goes into time so I mind control his defence, mst his backrow, use miracle fusion to summon the shining and summon chaos sorc and ailus and hammer home immense damage, he tries to come back next turn after using dark hole but i have torrential and I win.

Result: WIN
Record: 4-1
Top 8 time!

Top 8: Chaos Heros Vs. Hero Beat
Game 1: The game is very back and forth but I built chaos heros to speficfically have a good mid game which heros don't usually have and that is what happens so I win.

Game 2: Again another back and forth duel until he rips a monster reborn and gets advantage and wins, a fine example of why that card should be banned.

Game 3: I sound like a broken record here but it is aback and forth game and at the end game we both can't draw into a monster until I draw miracle fusion and summon shining and win.

Result: WIN
Top 4 time!

Okay no top 4 time we decide to split some store credit and hidden arsenal 5 packs. I get some sleeves, a skill drain, and a cyber dragon all with some store credit plus $1 of my own money so that is a cool deal. I actually stay a while longer and my friends and I do some theory-oh while Grant and his newest obsession (Cardfight vanguard) play in a CV tourney with 10 people but every game has to start somewhere right? After the tourney we go to Jack in the box and discuss more yugioh and I pull a shit ton of gemnight stuff from my packs. After that we all head home. Overall the day was alot of fun and I still don't really like CV.
Thanks for reading


  1. Sorry Cam can't play you tonight I'll hit you up on DN later.

    1. No problem at all! Actually I was just watching duels on DN for a post that is coming up and I needed to see a good duel so I watched your duel. But I would like to play you sometime on DN.